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Cooperative Feeding Program

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Three years ago I joined the Board of Directors of LifeNet4Families. Inspired by our past Chairperson Andrew Cagnetta I decided to develop an ongoing idea to support the LifeNet4Families Organization.

So I came up with the idea to see if one person would bid on a live auction item. This one item was a pallet of food to serve our community. I thought if only one person would buy a pallet of food we could feed almost 900 people.

At our Annual Gala I got up on stage and asked for one donor to purchase this pallet and in the end 26 people stood up. I was so amazed at the outpouring support for our community, I decided to continue this at every event we host.

As of today we have auctioned off 228 Pallets of Food which amounts to 204,516 hot meals served in our community.

As the demands for food continues to increase in our community, it's important that we invest in new ways of securing food for our hungry neighbors. You or your company can directly impact and improve the lives of those facing hunger in Broward County by donating a pallet of food.

A pallet of food costs $250, weighs 700lbs and will deliver 897 hot meals to those in immediate need.

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Program Overview

LifeNet4Families | Cooperative Feeding Program feeds hungry bodies, minds and souls – apart from hot meals, the children, women and men

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Russell T. Martin President / Chief Executive Officer Chris Polzer Director of Operations and Volunteers Lisa Frederick Director of

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of LifeNet4Families | Cooperative Feeding Program. We could never accomplish what we do without them.

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